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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

So here we are; a year down the line from our very first screening. We set out with a very clear objective; an inclusive community cinema that was affordable and entertaining. Have we achieved that? What are we doing right? Where do we need to improve?

A Year Of Learning

One of the key things that we are proud to have achieved this past year is how much we've learned; not only from the standpoint of running a community cinema but also what we've learned about our community. We've been truly blessed to work with some wonderful partners who have really got behind us. The Glasgow Film Theatre got in touch immediately and have shared their knowledge and resources, using the cinema for their events. Scalarama Glasgow hosted several of their events here, and have been incredible in passing on their experience and passion for cinema. Film Hub Scotland have also been incredibly supportive, assisting us with our projects where there they could and Cinema For All were a rock for us, providing us with training and one to one support when we were first starting. And of course, none of this would have been possible without funding from the Aspiring Communities Fund from the Scottish Government, that we are truly thankful for. They believed in what we were trying to achieve and proved it with financial backing.

Building Our Team

What has been truly remarkable is the level of support that we have received from members of the community itself. Our team of volunteers is dedicated, supportive and a joy to work with. They are our lifeblood and no task is outwith their capabilities. From technical support to front of house; poster design to making pizzas; driving buses to making sure every customer is comfortable; our team go above and beyond and I couldn't be prouder. And they all come from our local community, desperate to see a cinema that cares about and reflects those who live outside the walls of Community Central Hall. I personally have learned so much from them, and I know that they will work tirelessly to make sure that The Seamore maintains its values and steadily grows to provide a happy home for our community to enjoy the wonders of cinema.

So What Next?

As proud as we are of our accomplishments, our aim is to improve. New as we are, we need to make a lasting impression in the community, ensuring that our objectives are not quick wins and that we learn from the challenges we have faced this past year; we want to make sure that the community have a larger say in how the cinema can achieve positive change. We want to work outwith our limitations and constantly improve on our cinematic experience. We are currently in the process of securing a larger screen thanks to The National Lottery's Awards for All and will be running Autism Friendly screenings as well as screenings for Visually Impaired audience members.

But we can't do it without you. We need your support. Whether that is volunteering, sponsoring, coming along to our screenings or simply reaching out and talking to us, telling us your thoughts and opinions. We are the cinema that listens, and your feedback is the driving force behind what we do. So come talk to us!

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